Since the end of last year in the Mudumu South Complex (Balyerwa, Wuparo and Dzoti conservancy)
there has been many problems of HWC (human wildlife conflict). The lions moved their range out of the park and started targeting cows from local communities.
the result was tragic!
For the farmers and for the lions.... many where shot dead and also Cleopatra the old female of the Lupala pride was killed!!!!

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge raised the problem immediately with the competent authorities, NGO’s and community members. Lise Hanssen from the Caprivi Carnivore Project has taken the lead in responded

Lise is partnering with Paul Funston, director of Panthera’s lion program for Africa to start the Caprivi Carnivore Panthera Scouts Project to tackle lion related human-wildlife conflict and to guide research and conservation of large carnivores in the Caprivi Region of Namibia.

The firts stage started and a Land Cruiser was funded by Panthera for the Caprivi Carnivore/Panthera Scout collaboration. This phase will focus on building capacity within the community funding the improvement of cattle kraals in the worst affected areas. The lion-proof kraals will keep cattle largely safe from lion attack and thus fewer HWC reports and fewer lions killed.

The next stage of the project will be to monitor certain key prides of lions and equip and train a team of game guards (Panthera Scouts) to respond to reports of HWC.  The radio-collars will allow the locations of the lions to be monitored, allowing the Panthera Scouts to communicate this information through to local communities and respond to the presence of lions.

All of this requires funding and Nkasa Lupala Tended Lodge is also active in trying to find resouces to support this project.

We will let you soon know how you can help!