Also in Caprivi like everywhere else in Namibia was a bad raining season!
Already at the beginning of march most of the park swamps and channels where drying up. Bad news ahead we all thought...

The water levels on the Harubandi, the channel in front of the lodge where so bad that we had to move our boat “Chief Shifu” to the Linyanti.
Then in June the water levels started rising every day, the waters from the highlands of Angola where finally here.

Immediately huge herds of elephants started moving into the park from Botswana.
They started their journey all the way from Chobe to come and feed in the rich Nkasa upala NP marshes.
The beauty of herds of elephants, ranging from tiny babies to the enormous cows and bulls swimming across the natural boundary of the Linyanti river as the amber sun begins to dip into the horizon is hard to explain until when you experience it.